Geotema 39

Elena Dai Prà

Strutture paratermali e processi innovativi di riqualifi cazione eco-sostenibile in Trentino

Abstract: Parathermal Sector and Innovative Processes of Ecologically Sustainable Improvements in Trentino-Alto Adige

The present essay reconstructs the current new trends in the development of sustainable tourism policies in Trentino and in Alto Adige, with particular attention to the parathermal sector. The concept of “qualitative innovation” (offer of innovative services and interest in the new ecologically compatible technologies and practices), the signifi cance of some indicators of tourism sustainability (certifi cates of environmental quality of the resorts, green building, strategies of energy saving, etc.) and of other forms of sustainable tourism management will be analysed.

Keywords: Parathermal Sector, Spa, Ecologically Sustainable Improvements.

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