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Geotema 41 – I dehors a Firenze. Un esercizio di geografia sociale

Manuela Barsotelli, Stefania Sbardella

I dehors a Firenze. Un esercizio di geografia sociale

Abstract: Outdoor Cafés in Florence. an Exercise in Social Geography

Using a direct method to collect data, it was detected size, quantity and exact location of outdoor cafés within a specific area of investigation, and encoded the recorded data in a GIS platform. At the same time the attention was focused on how the outdoor cafés are perceived by both the users and those who live in the city in general. Extending the surveyed area so as to include a suburban district, we were particularly interested in whether the outdoor cafés are interpreted mainly as an erosion of public space available, or if they are a vehicle for a new way of experiencing the public space, and in particular a vehicle for new forms of conviviality and social gathering.

Keywords: Oudoor Cafés, Dehors, GIS.

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