Geotema 43-44-45

Salvatore Cannizzaro

Le “città serricole” della provincia di Ragusa: enclave di lavoratori immigrati in via di integrazione socioeconomica

Abstract: The “Greenhouse Cities” in the Province of Ragusa: “Enclave” of Immigrant Workers Towards an Economic and Social Integration

Due to the economic importance of its agricultural sector and the presence of an extended horticultural district area, the province of Ragusa attracts many foreign workers, mainly from North Africa, who replace local workers in the ‘greenhouses’ hard work. Today, a large number of foreign workers live in this province; they constitute an “enclave” of immigrants – that begins to diversify its business activities and economic roles with a positive impact on social integration.

Keywords: Immigrants, Social Integration, Horticultural District, Province of Ragusa, Sicily.

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