Geotema 46

Elena Dai Prà

La “Casa del Bagno” di Pozza di Fassa: prime ricostruzioni geo-storiche

Abstract: The Bath’s House of Pozza di Fassa: the First Geo-Historical Reconstruction

The geo-historical approach to the study of the resources and the thermal activities in Trentino Alto-Adige is a heuristic chapter that has been waiting longly for attentions and researches that will probably achieve signifi cant results, thanks to the antiquity of the curative waters exploitation in this geographical context. For this reason, it appears reasonable to offer a first historical reconstruction’s example of the territorialization’s processes of one of the oldest hot springs of Trentino, the Bath’s House of Pozza di Fassa, also called “Fonte del bagno da Tof del monte Alloch”. These waters have been used for more than five hundred years as curative treatments in a territory that boasts now one of the highest rate of touristic specialization of the region.

Keywords: Hot springs, Bagno da Tof, Historical reconstruction, Pozza di Fassa.

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