Geotema 47

Marco Maggioli

Paesaggio capitale fruitivo: partecipazione e benessere nell’esperienza del PUC Condiviso

Abstract: Landscape as fruitive capital: participation and well-being in CUP Shared experience

Starting to Pilot Participatory Experience of two municipalities (Guardia Sanframondi and San Lorenzo Maggiore) in province of Benevento (Campania), the article reflects on the meaning of the landscape as a common. In this respect, the main objective is to analyze the role of landscape as cultural-historical mechanism and clarification of an “harmony that governs the organization of the territory”. Residents and tourist communities through different fruitive and contemplative practices appropriates constantly the landscape that becomes a central element of their identity. In this sense, the landscape takes the role of real communication mechanism of themselves and their relationship with the territory.

Keywords: Well-being, Landscape, Partecipative Approach, Commons, Urban Planning.

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