Geotema 54

Elena Di Blasi, Alessandro Arangio

Dal Circuito Madonita alla Catania-Etna, l’automobilismo sportivo elemento di attrattività e di fruizione del territorio

Abstract: “Dal circuito Madonita alla Catania-Etna”, motor racing as element of territorial att ractiveness and use

“Dal Circuito Madonita alla Catania-Etna” is an initiative promoted by the Scuderia Targa-Florio in 2014, with the aim to rediscover two high profile car races held in Sicily. The former, the so-called Targa Florio, was designed by Vincenzo Florio in 1906 over a track of 92 miles in the Madonie Mountains, also with the purpose of making more visible Sicily abroad. The latter, the Catania-Etna race, inaugurated in 1939 over a curvy and uphill track of 26 miles that started from Piazza Duomo in Catania and finished at the Rifugio Sapienza on the Etna volcano, was one of the hardest race in the world. The new event promoted by the Scuderia Targa Florio and sponsored by the Madonie Natural Park and the Etna Park is of course an important marketing instrument to promote tourism in Sicily.

Keywords: Targa Florio, Catania-Etna Race, Sport Tourism

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