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Maria Sorbello Volti, luoghi e percorsi degli immigrati nel Catanese Abstract: Migrants, Faces, Places and Routes in Catania The research offers an image about the increasing number of foreign migrants and their integration in multicultural Catania area. Indicators such as the types of work performed by each immigrant community, the housing problem, the rate of

Geotema 43-44-45

Concetta Rizzo Il radicamento socio-territoriale delle comunità immigrate nel sistema urbano catanese Abstract: The Social and Territorial Root of Immigrant Communities in the Catania Urban System The analysis has been done using unbiased marker: citizenship acquisition, plenty of symbolic values, and presence of minor, sign of a stable settlement. The core shows the most important

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Caterina Cirelli, Teresa Graziano, Leonardo Mercatanti, Enrico Nicosia, Carmelo Maria Porto Rileggendo la città: le recenti trasformazioni del commercio a Catania Abstract: Re-interpreting the city: the recent transformations of retail in Catania This paper aims at scrutinizing the evolution of the retail sector and, consequently, of retailscapes in a Southern Italy city, Catania. Starting from