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Geotema 40 – Il waterfront di Catania: tra tradizione e modernità

Salvo Di Bella

Il waterfront di Catania: tra tradizione e modernità

Abstract: The Waterfront of Catania: Between Tradition and Modernity

The proximity to the sea and the mountain was the basic element in the origin and development of the city of Catania. However, if in the past the urban agglomeration was strongly attached to the port area, today this connection is undermined by a number of transport means – such as the railway, the road system and the expansion of the port area – which run along the coast line and create a barrier between the city and the sea. A new project has been developed in order to try to reconstruct this relationship and to give the city its original maritime projection. To remove the barriers which fence off the port from the city, to create an underground railway system and to regenerate the old fi sherman’s villages providing pedestrians pathways are some of the indications given by the urban planner Oriol Bohigas. By connecting a number of projects and ideas in a unitary view, as he has already done for Barcelona, this new scheme aims at re-opening the city to the sea.

Keywords: Waterfront, Land Use, Urban Innovation.

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