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Geotema 43-44-45 – L’economia degli imprenditori stranieri in provincia di Milano

Linda Cicirello

L’economia degli imprenditori stranieri in provincia di Milano

Abstract: The Economy of Foreign Entrepreneurs in the Province of Milan

The evolution at the global level currently characterizing the labor market is a direct result of a combination of factors among which a prominent role is played by migratory processes, facilitated by a broader and interconnected network to the international system of mobility. The paper examines the role of entrepreneurial activity initiated by foreigners in the province of Milan with the objective of analysing the evolutionary dynamics and to identify current trends and the strength gained mainly in comparison to the Italian entrepreneurs. In addition, the analysis provides, with reference to foreigners, a distinction between the component outside and inside the European Union, in order to evaluate possible cultural models related to the country of origin that may be refl ected on entrepreneurial inclination and the choices in the areas of activity, the working charge and the localization.

Keywords: Foreign Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Inside and Outside the European Union, Province of Milan.

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