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Geotema 43-44-45 – Geografia delle migrazioni e narrazioni cinematografiche

Teresa Graziano, Enrico Nicosia

Geografia delle migrazioni e narrazioni cinematografiche

Abstract: Geography of Migration and Cinematic Narratives

The specific articulation of both historical and contemporary migratory dynamics has always nourished a tangle of narratives and representations about migration, of countries of origin and immigration, that is particularly suitable to the fascination of the dramatized version. The patchwork of narratives and interpretations are often capable to outline a picture of demographic displacements which can transmit the overall complexity of places, spaces and actors implied in the migratory process, in spite of being the outcome of a subjective interpretation through the camera. As a result, the main aim of this work is to deepen the dynamics of interpretation, representation and decoding of the natural and anthropic landscapes moulded by migratory displacements in some movies where migration is the main subject of the plot.

Keywords: Geography, Migration and Cinema.

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