Geotema 43-44-45

Armando Montanari, Barbara Staniscia

Da migrazioni permanenti a mobilità di passaggio: la partecipazione dei ricercatori italiani ai progetti europei (FP7), il caso della Sapienza

Abstract: From Migrants to Transients: Italian Researchers Participation to FP7 European Projects, The Sapienza University Case

The Lisbon Strategy has highlighted the need for researchers mobility in order to facilitate the dissemination of information and scientific culture; the fi nal goal is making the European countries more competitive and helping them in overcoming more quickly and effi ciently the economic crisis. The problem of migration of highly skilled workers affected countries and researchers since the end of World War II. In early stages the phenomenon has been referred to as “brain drain” and “brain waste”. In this paper the participation of researchers in FP7 European projects is considered as an indicator for better understanding the present situation of qualifi ed mobility. In the context of the European and Italian dimensions the case of Sapienza University of Rome was analyzed.

Keywords: Brain Drain, Brain Waste, International Competition, Innovation.

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