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Poli termali tra passato e futuro. La recente valorizzazione di un piccolo centro termale siciliano: “Acqua Pia” di Montevago (AG)

Abstract: Past and Present of Thermal Baths: the Tourist Development of “Acqua Pia” Thermal Baths in Montevago

At any time of the year visitors go through the unique landscapes of western Sicily, they can appreciate a variety of renovated ancient thermal baths. They were old baths which lived ages of rise and decay, but today they play a central role to promote the cultural development of the poor areas of western Sicily. This paper will examine the “Acqua Pia” thermal baths located in Montevago, near Sciacca: despite their peripheral location, they could be integrated in the local tourism heritage and attract new visitors.

Keywords: Tourism, Sicily, Montevago, Thermal Spas, Heritage.

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