Geotema 46

Lucilla Rami Ceci

Salus per Aquam. Terme antiche dall’oblio alla valorizzazione: tre casi italiani a confronto

Abstract: Salus per Aquam. Ancient Thermal Baths from the Oblivion to the Valorization: Three Italian Cases

The history of the thermae in Mediterranean basin matches the development of the different civilizations and cultures that lean out on this sea. In our country the restauration and the valorization of historical contexts and ancient structures of Roman and pre-Roman epoches could easily write a new chapter in the history of the contemporary thermal baths. The retraining and the reused of ancient sources for therapeutic purposes can become besides remarkable factor in the enhancement of a sector of cultural tourism, the arheotourism, that particularly in Italy represents a resources for local development in gifted territories. In the speech three cases of Italian archaeological sites will be introduced. In these sites a thermal complex, used in the antiquity age, constitutes a test for the verifi cation of the so-called best practices solicited in the most recent Conventios of the Unesco. There will be introduced in synthesis the principal steps of a search on the three thermal poles of Fordongianus (Thermae of Traiano imperor) in the upper Oristano (Sardinia), of the Taurine Thermae of Civitavecchia (upper Lazio) and the Thermae of St. Calogero in the island of Lipari (Eolie Islands).

Key words: Ancient Thermal Baths, Exploitation, best Practices.

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