Geotema 47

Aaron Visaggio

La linguistica computazionale nell’analisi automatica dei contenuti nei social media

Abstract: The computational linguistic applied to the automatic analysis of social media’s contents

Computational linguistics can be defined as the meeting point between the theoretical linguistics and the information technologies. This paper aims at providing an in-depth analysis of the tools of the computational linguistics and discusses how they can support and automatate the analysis of the discourse. A specific attention will be paid to those features that allow language specialists to have access to those characteristics of the language which cannot be reached otherwise. In order to pursue this goal, the computational linguistics has developed tools of automatic and semi automatic analysis of natural language which avoid a manual analysis of the text to the language specialist. In this work the main software applications of computational linguistics will be discussed as well as: text mining, information retrieval, text indexing, sentiment analysis, and opinion mining.

Keywords: Computational Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis.

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