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Geotema 48 – Mobilità e trasporti nella pianificazione strategica di Herat

Mario Tartaglia

Mobilità e trasporti nella pianificazione strategica di Herat

Abstract: Mobility and transportation in Herat strategic planning.

This paper illustrates the transportation topics included in the new Strategic Masterplan of Herat city (Afghanistan), as a result of a collaborative relationship between the University of Florence and the University, the Department for Urban Development and the Municipal Council of Herat. Starting from a systematic analysis program aimed to build an updated information base on the current situation of the urban area, a set of planning actions regarding the transportation system has been identified. The developed strategy has been fully integrated with the urban planning process, pursuing a sustainable growth vision shared with the local community and compliant with the cultural heart of the city.

Keywords: mobility, strategic planning, Herat.

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