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Geotema 49 – La co-produzione nelle aree marine protette per una gestione sostenibile

Carmen Bizzarri

La co-produzione nelle aree marine protette per una gestione sostenibile

Abstract: The Co-production in Marine Protected Areas for Sustainable Tourism

Nowadays the co-production is the management method that relies on consumer responsibility for the service, becoming the recipient of the service and not its benefi ciary. Decline co-production in marine protected areas is to give a different interpretation to the already tested public-private partnership, as it becomes the new form of investment in the territory with the involvement of public actors, but also the local community and above all professional and trade associations. In the scientific literature, however, is known as the co-production applied in other services will have an extremely positive efficiency and quality in the provision of services, a high degree of customer satisfaction and mutual commitment for both the producer and the customer. The contribution will therefore analyzed the co-production as a management tool applied to marine protected areas will be identifi ed and the consequences and possible strategies in an attempt to combine the protection of the environment to tourism development.

Keywords: co-production, sustainable tourism in marine protected areas, management of marine protected areas.

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