Geotema 49

Rosalina Grumo

L’ecoturismo nel Mediterraneo e l’Area Marina Protetta Torre Guaceto: salvaguardia e sviluppo

Abstract: Ecotourism in the Mediterranean and the Protected Marine Area of Torre Guaceto: Safeguard and Development

The article focuses on the environment and tourism which nurture each other creating progressing or negative effects. The scenario where it develops is the Mediterranean area with its historical and cultural values, the presence of big towns and coastal places, the rich and beautiful nature. In the last years many plans and projects regarding the Mediterranean area came one after the other. The article deals mainly with the system for the protection of naturalistic areas and especially of the safeguarded marine areas. The case study described is the Protected Marina of Torre Guaceto (Brindisi) giving the chance to assess not only the environmental aspects and its protection but also to evaluate the acceptance to a shared model for development by institutional authorities and private players who work for the territory in order to guarantee local economy improvements.

Keywords: ecotourism, Protected Marine Area, protection, development.

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