Geotema 50

Teresa Graziano, Enrico Nicosia

Migrazioni e cinema: il viaggio invisibile e lo stereotipo della rappresentazione

Abstract: Migration and cinema: the invisible travel and the stereotype of representation

This work aims at analysing French cinema about migrations and the controversial relationship with Otherness. Since the first migratory flows in France, cinema has focused on the contradictions of colonization and decolonization, as well as on migrants’ definitive settling. What is more, cinema has also portrayed the deep tensions between the so-called “issues de l’immigration” and the “français de souche”, often linked to the physical and symbolic re-appropriation of urban spaces and the related claims of cultural identities. After a short introduction of narratives and stereotypes of migrations in the European cinema, the paper focuses on the representations of the relations between France and migrants as portrayed in some selected movies, by following the evolution of their aesthetic features and socio-cultural values.

Keywords: France, Cinema, Decolonisation, Migrants, Stereotypes.

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