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Marina Marengo, Angela Alaimo

Traiettorie ed esperienze di vita migratoria degli italiani della Svizzera romanda: tra finzione letteraria e racconto autobiografico

Abstract: Migratory trajectories and daily practices of italian immigrants in switzerland: between literary fiction and autobiographic narratives

Literary texts may represent significant sources for getting a better understanding of migrant routes and life experiences. In this article, a novel and two diaries are taken into account, in order to focus on the stories of Italians immigrants in Switzerland, and on their different experiences, from the moment of the departure to the potential homecoming, through the ambivalent experience of arrival and settlement in a new society. To be in movement, though a process of constant transformation, seems to be, for them, the leitmotif of experience. From this constantly changing perspective, even going back is not a return. This awareness brings to the development of unusual routes and unexpected directions.

Keywords: literature, migrations, Switzerland, italians.

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