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Rossella Belluso

La ristorazione a Roma nella nuova Chinatown: il quartiere Esquilino. Vecchie e nuove realtà

Abstract: Catering in the new Chinatown in Rome: the Esquilino district. Old and new realities

The objective of this paper is to examine the catering business in Rome registered to foreign and Italian citizens, by means of quantitative, diachronic analysis in the period 2004-2014, based on data provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and the IDOS. Only the Individual Companies were taken into account, cataloged in an ad-hoc database and then analyzed. The analysis allowed us to highlight how much the catering activities have changed in the Esquilino historical district, the proper Chinatown in Rome, foreshadowing new scenarios of integration but also of desertion by the natives.

Keywords: migration, catering business, Chinatown in Rome, Esquilino district

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