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Geotema 51 – Capo d’Orlando, polo “ri-creativo” dell’area tirrenico-nebroidea

Elena Di Blasi, Alessandro Arangio

Capo d’Orlando, polo “ri-creativo” dell’area tirrenico-nebroidea

Abstract: Capo d’Orlando, re-creative pole of the Tyrrhenian Nebrodis

In the former province of Messina the Tyrrhenian Nebrodis, between Patti and Santo Stefano di Camastra, have a polycentric structure. Capo d’Orlando is the most dynamic centre of this region and is more and more becoming the shopping pole for the inhabitants of the Nebrodis. Despite the economic crisis, the commercial structure of Capo d’Orlando has been resisting and the identity itself of the town is nowadays linked to its shopping functions.

Keywords: Capo d’Orlando, Nebrodis, urban commerce

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