Geotema 51

Carmelo Maria Porto

Catene commerciali e franchising monomarca in tempo di crisi: verso la standardizzazione dei centri storici italiani?

Abstract: Retail chains and single-brand franchises in times of crisis: towards the standardization of Italian historical centers?

In the last two decades, the deep changes which have been shaping the retailscapes of the contemporary city seem to confirm an unstoppable process of standardization of the retail offer in historic centres and central districts. The constantly growing disappearance of historic shops, as well as the irrational diffusion of national and international big chains and/or franchising formats are interesting processes to be studied, particularly owing to the economic vitality that chains and fast fashion have demonstrated, albeit the current economic crisis of consumption.

Keywords: crisis of consumption, urban resiliency, chains and franchising, homologation of retailscapes

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