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Geotema 52 – Territorial identity and rurality

Maria Fiori

Territorial identity and rurality

Abstract: At the beginning of the ’70s, especially in the countries of the South of Europe, rural tourism becomes the lever to raise uncompetitive agricultural realities and to diversify their activities (Rocca, 2013). This form of tourism allows, at the same time, to reduce the migration from rural to urban areas by creating occupation. Born to respond to these needs, farm holiday has opened a new way for a different and elaborate form of rural tourism often confused with the farm holiday as synonymous. In fact, when we consider rural tourism we refer to all forms of tourism activities that are made in rural areas and in contact with nature. It is not necessary that these activities are made by a farmer with his farm (Schifani, 1995).

Keywords: Rural tourism, Territorial identity, Multidimensionality.

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