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Geotema 53 – Nuove geografie della genitorialità: i padri 2.0

Valeria Pecorelli

Nuove geografie della genitorialità: i padri 2.0

Abstract: New geographies of parenthood: fathers 2.0

During the last decade contemporary mothers and fathers have been relying on websites, blogs and fora to look for those information on the parenting world which are not always receiving satisfactory answers by pediatricians, schools and childhood experts. At the same time parents have contributed to shape ‘digital parenthood’, a recent western society phenomenon, comprising a number of digital spaces where narrating contemporary parenting experiences, dilemmas and tips can be voiced on the issues of raising children and overcoming or supporting stereotypes and myths on being a parent. In the Italian social media scenario, mum bloggers are an established presence within the web community. However, digital dads are also becoming more and more trendy as explored in this work based on three case studies where discourses and representations on contemporary fatherhood are celebrated and reproduced in the age of new media.

Keywords: Parenthood, Gender, Social Media


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