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Geotema 55 – Ambra Ciarapica

Ambra Ciarapica

Territorio come metafora del futuro. Come gli strumenti di governo del territorio regionale immaginano lo sviluppo dell’Umbria

Abstract: Territory as future metaphor. As regional territorial government instruments imagine Umbria development

One way to understand in depth Umbria territory, land that is the result of a long and suffered amalgam of various populations that eventually find their common identity in social and symbolic characters as well as natural and totally unique landscape, it is the story of Umbria present in various regional territorial and landscape government instruments; instruments which not only tell the territory characteristics in its most defining elements, but imagine the regional territory future development through the suggestion of several «guiding visions». Through the exposed cut these instruments are read in the various chronological steps: from the Territorial Urban Plan of 1983 (PUT 1983), to the Territorial Urban Plan of 2000 (PUT 2000), to the Territorial Strategic Design of 2008 (DST 2008), to the Regional Landscape Plan (PPR) in progress.

Keywords: Regional Government, Territory, Umbria Development, Urban Plan.

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