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Geotema 55 – L’Umbria tra declino strutturale, crisi e rinascita economica

Luca Ferrucci

L’Umbria tra declino strutturale, crisi e rinascita economica

Abstract: Umbria between structural decline, crisis and economic revival

The situation of Umbria has changed starting from that regionalism that hypothesized the existence of unique models and exalted the specificities of the territories, often generating “closures” with the near territories and bonding opportunities and contaminations. In fact, in some moments the vision of an Umbrian model, different compared to that of central Italy, has emerged clearly, especially with respect to contiguous regions which it had shared several fundamental social, cultural and political aspects with on the plan Historical. Nevertheless, in the end, an Umbria of “rebirth” is possible and necessary and passes for the mobilization of all the best cultural, institutional, entrepreneurial and youth energies of the region.

Keywords: Regionalism, Umbrian Model, Economy

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