Geotema 55

Carlo Pongetti

L’Umbria, regione centrale dell’Italia di mezzo. Introduzione al tema

Abstract: Umbria, central region of middle Italy, Introduction to the theme

As the debate over the concepts of “region”, “governance” and “local development” continues, this contribution looks at the geography and politics, hallmarks and key issues of Umbria, a region that was created administratively by merging areas beset by an age-old dualism. Focus will be placed on Umbria’s role in the social and economic development of middle Italy, including the action taken to redress the asymmetry between its position at the very centre of Italy and its location on the periphery of the country’s wider infrastructure network. What emerges is its ties with neighbouring regions, which are captured perfectly by plans to set up a macro-region.

Keywords: Umbria, Governance, Local Development.

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