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Annamaria Fantauzzi Un dono al plurale Abstract: The Gift at the Plural This paper deals with the socio-anthropological analysis of the relation between the donation of blood and the migrant communities in Italy, particularly the Moroccan Muslim one in Turin. What is the meaning that the migrant gives to the donated blood? What is the

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Antonio Borgogni, Simone Digennaro Il corpo va in città: strumenti qualitativi per il rilievo e la lettura della città attiva Abstract: The body goes the city: qualitative tools for the survey and the reading of the active city The article conceptualizes the active city approach in the light of the perceptive-qualitative vision (Lynch, 2001) and

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Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto, Carlo Genova Riscrivere la città. Pratiche sportive alternative e territorio urbano Abstract: Re-Writing the city. Alternative sport practices and urban territory Since the Sixties new sports have appeared in the urban space: focusing not on discipline and competition but on experimentation, personal expressivity, bodily sensations, and fun, those sports redefine the relationship