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Geotema 35-36

Carlo Brusa Premessa Abstract: Foreword The International Year of Natural Fibers (IYNF) was a relevant occasion for Italian geographers, who did not miss this opportunity, as the relevant number of papers collected in this double issue of the journal Geotema demonstrates. This collection of essays also includes articles written by scholars of other disciplines –

Geotema 43-44-45

Alessandro Santini Crisi economica e vissuto dei migranti. Alcune riflessioni Abstract: Immigration in Italy Between Economic Crisis and Loss of Job The economic crisis is changing the migration fl ows. In Italy, a country hit by a severe recession, the situation of migrants is significantly worse, with unemployment rates that are becoming increasingly high and

Geotema 43-44-45

Josefina Domínguez-Mujica Mobility in times of uncertainty: a geographical perspective After a long post-fordist restructuring process, the capitalism without borders contributed to a deep recession that is creating uncertainty beyond the pure economic effects. In this context, we ask ourselves how this fi nancial situation is affecting one of the most important areas of the