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Geotema Supplemento 2021

Vittorio Amato Fattori di influenza nella percezione del rischio ambientale. Un’analisi sull’area del termovalorizzatore di Acerra L’accettabilità del rischio dipende strettamente dalla sua percezione o, meglio, dalla conoscenza circa la presenza di un pericolo più o meno immediato. Il presente contributo riporta i risultati di una indagine field realizzata nell’area di Acerra, dove si trova

Geotema 52

Valeria de Marcos Peasants and the production of food: new values and ways of thinking about the relationship between food, agriculture and the environment Abstract: In the twenty-fi rst century, the countryside has been characterized by advances in the production of commodities on a large scale based on a large estate model, production highly adapted

Geotema 52

Maria Gemma Grillotti Di Giacomo The relationship between Food – Agriculture – Environment compared with the new Common Agricultural Policy Abstract: Food – Agriculture – Environment are mutually connected with an organic, unbreakable, complex bond. Their balance depends not only on pedologic and climate factors or the degree of agricultural techniques development but above all

Geotema 54

Alessandro Pezzoli La consapevolezza del rischio meteorologico ed ambientale nella pratica sportiva Summary: The awareness of the meteorological and environmental risk in sport The aim of this work is to present a new research area called “Meteorology applied to Sport” that can cooperate strictly with Geography applied to Sport for the development of multidisciplinary research