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Luca Simone Rizzo

La logistica per l’esportazione inland e oltreoceano nel settore del vino. Lo studio del comparto alla luce dei meccanismi di funzionamento di un operatore logistico specializzato

Abstract: Logistics for Inland and Overseas Exports in the Wine Trade. A Study of This Sector in the Light of the Operating Mechanisms of a Specialist Wine Logistics Company

In this paper we intend to focus our attention on logistical systems that include maritime transport in the journey from Origin to Destination. Our refl ections stem from an examination of the wine sector and its dynamics in the Veneto Region and particularly in a Province – Verona – where both production and export volumes are very high, as is the number of export markets involved. Following a study of the (logistical and transport) solutions adopted by Italian wine producers with major worldwide business, we make several considerations regarding the use of infrastructures and the relationships between sites involved in the various phases of the supply chain. A survey of the functional mechanisms of one of the principal global logistics companies specializing in this sector (the Giorgio GORI Group’s Wine & Spirits) is a useful instrument for understanding the logistical and transport dynamics that are peculiar to the wine trade, as well as their effects on the territory.

Keywords: Veneto, Wine Trade, Global Logistic Operator.

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