Geotema 40

Claudia Robiglio

Infrastrutture terrestri nella logica delle reti internazionali del trasporto merci. Opportunità e sviluppi nell’area del Nord Est e collegamenti marittimi

Abstract: Terrestrial Infrastructures in the Context of International Freight Transport: Opportunities, Developments and Sea-Links in North-Eastern Italy

In this paper I shall make various considerations regarding the relationships between terrestrial infrastructures for the longdistance transport of goods – inland terminals and intermodal terminals – as well as these structures’ connectivity with maritime intermodality. My attention will be focused primarily on North-Eastern Italy, where the Padua Inland Terminal continues to demonstrate a specialization for maritime traffi c, whereas Verona’s Quadrante Europa Inland Terminal (QE) is specialized in combined traffi c even if it does have links with the ports of the Northern Range (both for long-distance sea freight and, especially, for ferry services towards Scandinavia). The QE will in future take on new importance and functions as the inland terminal for the Port of Venice, with regard to routes such as those from India and Egypt.

Keywords: Inland Terminals, Quadrante Europa Freight Village, Inland and Port Link.

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