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Geotema 40 – L’alto Adriatico nelle sfide della crisi economica mondiale

Giuseppe Borruso, Andrea Porceddu

L’alto Adriatico nelle sfide della crisi economica mondiale

Abstract: The North Adriatic Sea Facing the Challanges of the Global Economic Crisis

In this paper the global trend of maritime transport is analysed with particular reference to the latest years characterized by the economic crisis, focusing on the performances of the different world regions (i.e., Northern Range, Mediterranean, Far East). A deeper analysis of the situation of the North Adriatic Sea follows, and a comparison between the performances of Northern Italian ports is carried on. Although the North Adriatic ports still present considerable minor traffic than those on the North Tirrenian, the former seem to be less affected by the crisis in terms of reduction of TEUs. In the end we briefl y present the case of the port of Trieste and evaluate its supposed competitive advantages in the present phase of restructuring of maritime industry.

Keywords: North Adriatic Sea, Global Economic Crisis, Port of Trieste, Competitive Advantages.

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