Geotema 40

Luca Ruggiero

Il ruolo strategico del Canale di Suez e le prospettive della portualità mediterranea

Abstract: The Strategic Role of the Suez Canal and its Implications for the Mediterranean Ports

The increase in the traffi c which goes through the Suez Canal, strongly connected with the last few decades shift of the economic axis from the Atlantic to the Pacifi c, has signifi cantly re-launched the transit functions of the Mediterranean sea and the role of its ports. The paper will show that this new signifi cance of the Mediterranean ports and its transit functions is very much the product of precise strategies conducted by the major global container transport companies which have invested directly in the defi nition and development of new lines and in the modernization of container terminals. However, the paper also highlights that the role of the Mediterranean ports, and of the Italian ones in particular, is also strongly connected to their capacity to improve their competitive stance with respect to the Northern European ports and to reduce competition among each others in favor of the establishment of strong collaborative relationships.

Keywords: Container Market, Shipping Companies, Italian Ports.

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