Geotema 43-44-45

Elena Di Blasi, Alessandro Arangio

L’imprenditoria immigrata e il suo contributo allo sviluppo della Calabria. L’esempio del Catanzarese

Abstract: Immigrant Entrepreneurs and their Contribution to the Development of Calabria. The Case of the Province of Catanzaro

Among the Italian provinces Catanzaro is well-placed for the number of non-EU entrepreneurs who live and work in its territory. Most of them are concentrated in the region of Lamezia, Gizzeria and Falerna and are above all street vendors who have Moroccan nationality. They arrived in Calabria in the early ’80s, coming from Khouribga, and decided to settle in the district of Lamezia. At present they are an important economic and cultural richness which is far from being noticed by the local powers.

Keywords: Non-EU Entrepreneurs, Moroccan Immigration, Province of Catanzaro, Lamezia.

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