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Geotema 46 – Turismo, wellness e sviluppo locale nel Salento

Liberata Nicoletti

Turismo, wellness e sviluppo locale nel Salento

Abstract: Tourism, Wellness and Local Development in the Salento Area

The clientele’s growing demand of wellness led to a large expansion in this specifi c sector producing many new “wellness hotels” and specialized wellness spaces within traditional accommodation facilities. This essay examines the supply of beauty treatments and remise en forme in the Province of Lecce and aims to assess the rate of innovation and the support local wellness centres give to promote tourism in this area. The whole research was carried out by means of direct interviews and structured questionnaires for both wellness centre clients and tourist operators in order to detect how satisfying holidays in Salento are considered and how willing tourist operators are to sustain innovation in all kinds of tourist facilities.

Keywords: Tourism, Wellness, Salento.

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