Geotema 46

Raffaela Gabriella Rizzo

Wellness, acqua termale, recreation and tourism. La Valpolicella: un esempio di area con risorse integrate e integrabili

Abstract: Wellness, Hot Springs, recreation and tourism. The Valpolicella: an Example of an Area with Integrated and Integrable Resources

Verona, a Province with major tourism potential, forms part of a Region that already contains numerous Local Tourist Systems, more recent Theme-based Tourist Systems, 5 tourist districts – including a thermal one – and one Tourist Metadistrict. This paper aims to deal with the theme of “localhubs and systems for integrated wellness-oriented tourism”, researching the paradigm of wellness in an area – the cultural region of Valpolicella – in which in recent times the use of hot spring water has always been channelled solely towards the “spa” industry. By studying/comparing two establishments in the Verona area (Villa Quaranta Park Hotel and Aquardens – Le Terme di Verona at Pescantina) we will seek to analyse the wellness phenomenon in a region that offers a plethora of tourist resources that are integrated with each other and that can also be supplemented with spa facilities.

Keywords: wellness, spa, recreationand tourism, hot springs, Valpolicella.

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