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Geotema 46 – I luoghi termali della memoria: lo “stabilimento” di Casteldoria (Sardegna)

Marina Sechi Nuvole

I luoghi termali della memoria: lo “stabilimento” di Casteldoria (Sardegna)

Abstract: Thermal Baths of Reminiscence: the Bathing Establishment of Casteldoria (Sardinia)

The healing properties of the Casteldoria spa waters have been known since the classical times, yet no adequate use of them was possible until the start of the twentieth century, when a dedicated establishment was built. In 2010, following a twenty-year period of inactivity, the new Thermal Baths of Casteldoria were fi nally opened to the public; since then the place has increased signifi cantly in popularity among patients as well as spa lovers.

Keywords: Thermal Baths, history of their use, wellness.

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