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Geotema 49 – Le aree naturali “minori” del Veneto, un esempio di recupero responsabile

Maria Laura Pappalardo

Le aree naturali “minori” del Veneto, un esempio di recupero responsabile

Abstract: The “Minor” Natural Areas in the Veneto Region, an Example of Responsible Renewal

The “minor” natural areas in the Veneto region, often settled in heavily populated areas, are relics of wide natural biotypes that in the past characterized the Venetian territory, and that, as a result of urban, industry and agriculture development have declined dramatically in number and size. Their physiognomy, however, comes not only from natural logic, but also by decisions and activities made by man over the centuries. The teaching activity in these surviving environments has a high educational value as it captures the direct perception of what was the original reality of the territory, nearly disappeared in daily life, providing a valuable point of comparison between the starting and present conditions of a process. The visit of these environments, which are “inside” or “close” to the places where we live every day, becomes, therefore, an element of direct understanding of our environment and its knowledge may facilitate the development of constructive attitudes for its protection.

Keywords: Veneto, natural areas, biotypes, development, protection.

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