Geotema 49

Astrid Pellicano

Montecristo e Punta della Campanella tra protezione ambientale e sviluppo turistico

Abstract: Island of Montecristo and Punta Campanella: a Matter of Environmental Protection and Tourist Development

The island of Montecristo (10.4 sq km) and Punta Campanella (15.4 sq km) are two protected areas established under the national laws 979/1982 and 394/1991 for combining tourism development with the protection and preservation of the natural beauty of the environment. They are two areas on which there are precise constraints imposed by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory, because they give hospitality to natural goods and habitats of high conservation value that and require specifi c measures of protection. Montecristo is a biogenetic integral and natural State reserve, uninhabited, of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, where only few guided tours are allowed and under certain conditions by the State Forestry Department. Instead, as western ramifi cation of the Sorrento peninsula, Punta Campanella is a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI), established in 1997 is divided into three zones, to protect marine resources and the landscape between Massa Lubrense and Positano, which has an important activity as nautical and seaside resort.

Keywords: marine protected areas, Montecristo, Punta Campanella, sustainable tourism.

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