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Geotema 52 – The beautiful agricultural landscapes of Molise as a resource for tourism

Carmen Silva Castagnoli

The beautiful agricultural landscapes of Molise as a resource for tourism

Abstract: The agricultural landscape of Molise, despite transformations, has preserved particular aspects that should be safeguarded and protected as they represent our identity. I would like, therefore, to propose an itinerary of some agricultural landscapes which are particularly signifi cant and serve as identifi ers of the region. The following landscapes have been chosen because they are to be found over a wide area of the territory of Molise and they also represent our economy as well as our past: 1. The mosaic-like landscape of polyculture; 2. Vineyards; 3. The peri-urban gardens; 4. The landscape of karst agriculture; 5. The sheep track landscape. The disadvantaged areas of Molise will be able to rediscover their identity by transforming weaknesses into strengths through the new rurality which the most recent evolution of CAP (2012-2014) favours by supporting those who focus their attention on the rural-agricultural landscape. The new CAP favours those who choose to differentiate their cultivation and follow biodiversity rather than cultivate vast tracts of land with wheat or corn. Tourism must take into account the image that is projected to the outside world, “l’espace touristique, c’est avant tout une immagine”; the beautiful agricultural landscape of Molise, might, on the basis of the values it represents, act as a symbol of this image which serves as an identifi er and unifi es the cultural resources tout court.

Keywords: Agricultural landscape of Molise, Identity, CAP, Tourism.

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