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Geotema 52 – New forms of rurality and agricultural quality products in Apulia

Liberata Nicoletti

New forms of rurality and agricultural quality products in Apulia

Abstract: Today the rural development is looking for new paths able to promote income growth by means of real occupational perspectives and the enhancement of a better quality of life. This study on “new forms of rurality” in Apulia moves on tangible experiences stimulated by the scheduled and ongoing EU and regional development rural policies (CAP 2014-2020) and faces the theme of higher-value productions. Such productions express strong territorial ties with the human groups and represent fundamental parameters in order to recover the identity of places and to promote the cultural, historic and environmental resources of Apulian rural areas. The territorial characteristics of Apulia (i.e. their peculiar landscapes, the variety of farms, the richness of the historic, cultural and architectural heritage of manor farms, local craftsmanship and so on) offer the ideal conditions to create a relational network able to promote and spread quality agriculture – both in quantitative and qualitative terms – with the aim of fostering local and regional natural and economic resources.

Keywords: Agriculture, Typical products, Rural development.

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