Geotema 54

Graziella Benedetto, Donatella Carboni

Valutazione e gestione degli eventi sportivi: il caso della “Vela Latina” di Stintino (Sardegna)

Abstract: Evaluation and management of sports events: the case of the “Vela Latina regatta” of Stintino (Sardinia)

This paper contributes to studies on the construction of rational models of management of sports events, which are based on managerial skills and not on improvisation. Moreover it contributes to the advancement of knowledge by proposing and presenting a tool which will be useful in the setting up and managing of a sports event, with a view to supporting its programming and management. To this aim, the Stakeholder Analysis methodology will be applied to the study of the “Vela Latina regatta”, a sports event which takes place in Stintino (Sardinia). The present case study is particularly interesting because the regatta is currently going through a difficult phase, and it requires a process of renewal and revitalization.

Keywords: Sport, sports events, Vela Latina, Stakeholder Analysis, Sardinia

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