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Geotema 54 – Ritiri estivi e sistemi territoriali, tra marketing sportivo e turismo

Simone Betti

Ritiri estivi e sistemi territoriali, tra marketing sportivo e turismo

Abstract: Summer trainings and territorial systems, between sports marketing and tourism

The issue of pre-season trainings and some other sports entertainment meetings is functional, as part of the discussion, in order to understand the links between these activities, typical of some sports, and marketing, and the impacts of such events on the host places. Training camps concerning specific disciplines and geographical areas are able to affect deep enough on many important aspects of local scenery, able to produce effects and consequences on all the economic activities and tourism. Despite the increase in traffic and a minimal interference with traditional tourism, trainings prove to be beneficial and impactful for towns and places involved. Most of the time building new facilities is not necessary, because teams do benefit from existing ones. Besides being an event capturing the attention of many supporters, training camps are marketing opportunities for sponsors willing to send messages and symbolic content. They can also influence the local identity and its perception from the outside, in order to promote or enhance specific aspects. Critical issues may be the eventual host-guest conflict, and the representation of the host community and place through media. Trainings draw many interests, journalists and broadcasters, both local and international, take the opportunity to sign agreements to broadcast exclusive tournaments, scrimmages or exhibition games with the most popular teams.

Keywords: Preseason, Sports’ Geography, Summer Training, Territorial Marketing, Tourism

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