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Geotema 43-44-45

Elena Di Blasi Immigrazione e mercato del lavoro in Italia: crisi di un sistema tra recessione e crescita Abstract: Immigration and Labour Market in Italy: Crisis of the System Between Recession and Growth Since the early beginning in the 1970s, immigrants presence in the labour market has always grown up, especially in the last two

Geotema 43-44-45

Antonino Longo Immigrazione e lavoro nero in Italia: attualità di un fenomeno socio-economico Abstract: Immigration and Illegal Work in Italy: an Actual Phenomenon Involving Families and Enterprises Starting since the 1990s, illegal immigrants have increased black labour inside companies (workers) and families (domestic help and carers) because of ingent savings on wages and social security

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Luca Ferrucci L’Umbria tra declino strutturale, crisi e rinascita economica Abstract: Umbria between structural decline, crisis and economic revival The situation of Umbria has changed starting from that regionalism that hypothesized the existence of unique models and exalted the specificities of the territories, often generating “closures” with the near territories and bonding opportunities and contaminations.