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The 2024 IGU Thematic Conference “Connecting Geographies from the Global South” will be held in the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO)in Quito, Ecuador, between May 15th and May 17th, 2024. This is a call for abstracts of scholarly work that promotes dialogue among geographical studies critically engaged with spatial and place-based thinking processes in the Global South. We are particularly interested in contributions that connect theory, methods, and research practices considering multidisciplinary, pluralistic, and multiparadigmatic approaches.

The conference aims to facilitate intellectual exchange and promote academic debates among scholars of emerging geographical epistemic communities in the Global South and elsewhere interested in addressing geographical issues in this part of the world. The Thematic Conference’s main emphasis is connecting geographers of the world in an inclusive dialogue.


Join us at this event and submit your abstract!


The thematic topics of the conference include:


  1. Geographies of quality of life, deprivation, and inequalities
  2. Global environmental change, biodiversity, and cultural diversity
  3. Geopolitics of South-South exchanges and South-North disparities
  4. Geography of (in)mobilities in the globalized world.
  5. Geographical thinking in/from the Global South and alternative paradigms
  6. Decolonization geography and politics of knowledge production
  7. Gender and feminist geographies
  8. Data-driven geographies, geospatial analysis, and artificial intelligence
  9. Urbanization, (smart) cities, and urban-rural complex systems
  10. Geographies of resources extractions in the South


For more information please visit: https://www.flacso.edu.ec/ugiglobalsouth2024/



Area of Urban, Rural, and Territorial Studies

Department of Economy, Environment and Territory

FLACSO Ecuador

Email: globalsouth@flacso.edu.ec