17 e 19/11/2020: 3D Geology Webinar Series

Maria Paradiso condivide l’informazione, ricevuta da Mike Meadows, relativa a un webinar in due parti denominato

3D Geology

Si riporta parte del messaggio originario, inviato dall’American Geosciences Institute:

The technological transformation of geoscience is presenting new opportunities for GSOs, and the wider geoscience community, to respond to the societal challenges of our time, and lay the foundation for a sustainable future. Three-dimensional geological modelling is providing a valuable tool for informed decision making and risk reduction – from planning urban infrastructure, managing ground water resources, and sourcing renewable energy. To capitalize on this capability, new data infrastructures are required to share and integrate information across government and the private sector.

This two-part webinar series will feature leaders in the field, presenting the latest developments, and will be of interest to students, academics, private sector practitioners, and other government agencies.

Part 1: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 10h00 EST / 16h00 CET | 1 hour 45 min
Part 2: Thursday, November 19, 2020 10h00 EST / 16h00 CET | 1 hour 45 min

Register at www.americangeosciences.org/webinars/responding-societal-needs-3d-geology-international-perspective

Speakers and Panelists:
Roland Baumberger (CH)
Michael Kehinde (UK)
Holger Kessler (UK)
Scott Kuykendall (USA)
Kelsey MacCormack (CA)
Helen Reeves (UK)
Edward Sudicky (CA)
Harvey Thorleifson (USA)
Keith Turner (USA)
Michiel van der Meulen (NL)

For more information, please see the attached PDF. We encourage you distribute this email to anyone who may be interested.

Please contact Hazen Russell at hazen.russell@canada.ca with any questions you may have about this workshop.

This webinar series is sponsored by the World Community of Geological Surveys (WCOGS).”

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