Bando di dottorato in co-tutela USMB-UNITO

Riceviamo da Elena dell’Agnese e pubblichiamo:

Opportunity for potential PhD students: a PhD programme in co-tutelle (Emma Bell, USMB -Chambery France/Massimiliano Demata, University of Torino – Turin, Italy), as part of the UNITA alliance, which is led by Turin.

The PhD programme is called “The Politicisation of Borders and the Shaping of Identity »; it is an interdisciplinary scheme (Linguistics + Politics), the deadline is 22 March, and the call is open to all nationals.

Information can be found here, under “USMB-UNITO-1.5.03 The Politicisation of Borders and the Shaping of Identity”

Application form etc can be found here