Call for papers: Doing and undoing women homelessness

Maurizio Memoli condivide la call for papers dal titolo

Doing and undoing women homelessness

per la pubblicazione di un numero tematico di “Atelier de Recherches Sociologiques Collection – Presses Universitaires de Louvain”

La scadenza è prevista per il 15 novembre 2020.

Un breve estratto dalla call:

For this publication, we expect various contributions from different disciplines and approaches, including (but not limited to):
– homelessness and intersectionality
– gender and public policies concerning access to housing
– gender and accommodation facilities/shelters
– affectivity, intimacy, socio-familial relations and women’s homelessness
– which projects for which women?
– co-creation as a housing inclusion device?
– different contexts, different cities, different women – a crossroads of views
– how to study women’s experiences of homelessness: methodological issues

Di seguito il PDF (scaricabile QUI) con tutti i dettagli.

Call for papers - Women's homelessness EVfinal