Conference “Global East as Borderland”

Riceviamo da Elena dell’Agnese e diffondiamo:

The EARCAG conference, “Global East as Borderland”, will run from Dec
12 to Dec 14, and the four keynotes will be open to the public. Please
register here if you would like to join:

Rethinking Territory (Again)
Joe Painter, Durham University
Dec12,9-10am, HK time

International Business: Cities and the Global East
Cindy Fan, University of California, Los Angeles
Dec 13, 9-10am, HK time

The future is a foreign country: Territory and temporal borders of the “future”
Natalie Koch, Syracuse University
Dec 14, 9-10am, HK time

Logistical power and logistical violence: Lessons from China’s COVID experience
Xiang Biao, Max Planck Institute
Dec 14, 5:30-6:30pm, HK time